Hindus keep 2-3 wives illegally, controversial statement of Maulana Badruddin on population growth

Publish Date: 02 Dec, 2022 |

All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) President Maulana Badruddin Azmal has given a controversial statement on Population Growth. He told ANI on Friday that Hindus keep 2-3 wives illegally before 40 years. He further said that after 40 years, where is the ability to have a child, they should adopt the formula of Muslims and get their children married at the age of 18-20 years.

Maulana Ajmal’s comment on population growth

When Maulana Badruddin Ajmal was questioned on population growth, he advised to increase the population instead of controlling it. He said, “Government has given permission to marry girls at the age of 18 years among Muslims, which is done. But among Hindus, people do not marry till 40-40 years and keep 2-3 wives illegally before marriage and do not allow children to be born. Just so that the expenses can be saved. They enjoy a lot before marriage. After that, when they are 40, they are forced by their parents or they get stuck somewhere, they get married. Then at the age of 40 Where is the strength left to give birth to a child later. 

BJP counter attacks on the statement

With this statement of Badruddin Ajmal, counterattack has also started. Assam BJP MLA D Kalita said- "You are Muslim and we are Hindu. Do we have to learn from you? This is the country of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. There is no place for Bangladeshis here. We don't need to learn from Muslims. By saying such things you are accusing your mother and sister. I condemn this and warn you not to do this, otherwise go to Bangladesh. Hindus will not accept this. Don't stoop so low for politics."


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