Holi 2023: Play Holi with these colours according to your zodiac sign | Holika Dahan 2023

Publish Date: 08 Mar, 2023 |

If you choose the colors of Holi according to your zodiac, then you will gain prosperity and happiness from the almighty. According to astrology, each zodiac sign has its own lucky colour. If you play Holi with the same coloured gulal, then you will get happiness, prosperity and happiness and the condition of inauspicious planets in your horoscope will also improve. 

Lucky colour for Aries and Scorpio

According to astrology, the lord of Aries and Scorpio is considered to be Mars and the symbol of Mars is red. That's why the lucky color of the people of these two zodiac signs is red. On the day of Holi, the people of both these zodiac signs should play Holi with red, orange, pink colors.

Lucky colour of Taurus and Libra

Venus is said to be the lord of Taurus and Libra in astrology and is considered an auspicious and peaceful planet. The people of these zodiac signs are considered to live a luxurious life by nature. The lucky colors of both these zodiac signs are white and pink. Although there is no white color gulal on Holi, so you can play with silver and pink.

Lucky colour of Virgo and Gemini

The lucky color of Virgo and Gemini people is green. Mercury is considered the lord of both these zodiac signs and the color of Mercury, the prince of the planets, is considered to be green. Playing Holi with this color brings peace and tranquility in your life. Along with green, if you want, you can also play Holi with yellow and orange colors.

Lucky colour of Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Lord Shani and the favorite colors of Shani are black and blue. Shani likes your playing Holi with this colour. There is no black colored gulal on Holi, so you can play Holi with purple, blue or purple colors. If you play with these colors, there is benefit in the inauspicious condition of Saturn.

Lucky colour for Sagittarius and Pisces

The lord of Sagittarius and Pisces is considered to be Devguru Jupiter and these zodiac signs are also related to Lord Vishnu. For both these zodiac signs, the lucky color of Holi is yellow or saffron. You should play Holi with these colors only.

Cancer lucky colour

The lord of Cancer zodiac is Moon and the lucky color of the people of this zodiac is white. But there is no white color gulal on Holi, so you should play Holi with silver color.

Leo lucky colour

Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac and people of this zodiac are considered to be a little angry by nature. The lucky colors of the people of this zodiac are red, orange and yellow. Playing Holi with this color improves your health, improves your relationship with your father and increases your prestige in the society.


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