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Publish Date: 12 Aug, 2022 |

25-year-old Tanya Varshney ate a lot of junk food as a child, which contributed to her significant weight gain. She began to experience health problems as a result of her weight gain, which complicated her life. Additionally, she suffered from continuous bullying for her weight from her friends and family, which damaged her mental health. Take a look at Tanya as she shed 22 kg by taking one modest step at a time.

Tanya was underweight when she was born, during her teen age she got addicted to junk food, things started being problematic when by the age of 21 years Tanya’s weight reached to 70Kgs. People used to make fun of her, she later took the gym membership but failed to maintain the consistency.

Zumba sessions

Tanya mentioned the importance of Zumba, dance and sports sessions which additionally helped her shed 22 Kgs.

Irregular periods

One of the most common problems mentioned by girls who are overweight is irregular periods. Irregular periods can also lead to acne issues

Workout and Cardio

Tanya's hour-long cycling exercise, which she had first started as part of her regular jogging programme, helped her up her fitness regimen. She would pedal about 6 kilometres. Later, she began skipping, and the combination of these factors caused her to lose 10 kg. She then advanced her practise, opting for 1000 skips at once, 30–40 km of cycling, and no more gym skips.

Nutrition value

She kept chowing down on her 80:20 meal allotment. She used 20% of her lunch to quell her hunger, leaving her with an 80 percent split between the protein sources on her diet chart.


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