How I Lost 31kg & Became a Postpartum Fitness Influencer Ft. Harman Sidhu

Divya BhatiPublish Date: 13 Jul, 2022

Harman Sidhu's pregnancy was happy and healthy, but she gained a lot of weight. At 84 kgs, she was concerned about her weight gain and could only hope that she would lose it quickly after giving birth. She did, however, suffer from postpartum depression, which slowed her weight loss. See how Harman overcame her depression to become a postpartum fitness influencer.


Harman dedicated enough time and attention to her body after her daughter's birth to be the best mother to her baby. Harman Sidhu has always believed in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. But she knew that patience was essential, as was eating and exercising properly. Puneet Sidhu, Harman's husband, coached her and encouraged her to become one of India's best fitness bloggers.


Many people have misconceptions about the postpartum period. To lose the weight gained during pregnancy, some women go on crash diets and work out at gyms. Many women believe that regaining their pre-pregnancy body is impossible. As a result, they over-exercise without professional assistance. None of this is true, and Harman is an excellent example of how, with the right guidance, healthy physical transformation after childbirth is possible.

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