How I Lost 52 Kg Without Gymming I Weight Loss Transformation: Pratima Lokhwani I Fat to Fit

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 29 Oct, 2022

While each fat loss success story serves as motivation in and of itself, many weight watchers will be able to relate to 26 years old Pratima Lokwani's journey and struggle. Pratima Lokhwani's weight loss journey is an absolutely fascinating one. Her feelings on losing weight were conflicting. This is the tale of how she achieved the seemingly impossible—becoming thin by reducing 52 kg. Please watch the incredible transformation only on OnlyMyHealth.

Pratima Lokwani weight loss transformation

Pratima spoke about her weight loss journey from weighing 112 Kgs to 60 Kg. What makes this journey even more interesting is that she achieved it without gymming and in just 10 months. Seems impossible right? Priyanka said that her inconsistent eating patterns and overreliance on junk food contributed to her weight gain. As a child, she was once forbidden from using a swing because of her large waist, and she experienced taunting because of her appearance and weight. She was only 19 when she first experienced knee pain. Her monthly cycle was messed off, and she had thyroid issues. At that time, she understood that she needed to alter her lifestyle and get back in shape.

Diet Chart

Breakfast: two besan chillas with a cup of tea and a bowl of red poha for breakfast.

Lunch: Two chapatis with a bowl of veggies and a bowl of curd, or one bowl of quinoa with a bowl of dal and a bowl of curd.

Dinner: Grilled chicken or paneer with veggies

Morning routine: Wake up at 6:Am and consume normal water 

Pre workout; Bread, Butter and juice

She deliberately followed a balanced exercise regimen. She varies her workouts by doing  spinning classes, Crossfit, weight training, and HIIT.

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