How much is the salary of the Vice President of India and what are the facilities?

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After the President, the Vice President is the country's second highest constitutional post. His responsibility is to lead the Rajya Sabha, the Parliament's Upper House. He serves as the Rajya Sabha's Chairman. In the absence of the President, the Vice President must serve as the President's caretaker. Let us tell you how much the Vice President of India is paid and what perks he has.

Salaries and Allowances of Parliament Officers Act, 1953

The salary of the country's Vice President is determined by the 'Salaries and Allowances of Parliament Officers Act, 1953.' Because the Vice President is also the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, he receives the Speaker's salary and benefits.

Salary of Vice President of India 

According to reports, the Vice President receives a monthly salary of Rs 4 lakh. Aside from that, they receive a variety of allowances. The Vice President is entitled to a daily allowance, free lodging, medical care, travel, and other benefits. The Vice President's pension is 50% of his or her salary.

When is the election of the Vice President of India?

On July 5, the Election Commission issued a notification for the election of India's Vice President. The elections will be held on August 6, and the deadline for filing nominations is July 19. M. Venkaiah Naidu's term as Vice President will expire on August 10.

In Hand Salary of the Vice President?

Every month, the Vice President is paid Rs 4 lakh. Salary adjustments were made in the 2018 budget. The salary back then was Rs 1.25 lakh. Aside from that, they receive all allowances and pension benefits. These benefits include free medical care, a daily allowance, free train and air travel, a landline connection, and mobile phone service. They have their own security and staff.

Provision of pension for the Vice President of India

The pension for the Vice President is 50% of his salary. The constitution provides that when the Vice-President performs his duties in the absence of the President, he will receive the President's salary and benefits. That is, in those cases, the Vice-salary President's will be the same as the President's. He will also have access to the President's facilities. Even after retirement, they continue to receive various benefits in addition to their pension.

Tenure of the Vice President and qualification

The Vice President serves a five-year term. They can be appointed as many times as they want. In his absence, the Rajya Sabha's responsibilities are handled by the Deputy Chairman. If the President dies during his term, the Vice-President takes over. He can only play this role for a maximum of six months. Following that, a new President must be elected. Any Indian citizen over the age of 35 is eligible to become Vice President. He should not hold any profit-making office.


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