How powerful is the Indian Army in 2022, missiles, nuclear strength, Land, Naval, air force Vs. Russia’s military strength

Publish Date: 27 Feb, 2022
How powerful is the Indian Army in 2022, missiles, nuclear strength, Land, Naval, air force Vs. Russia’s military strength

Indian military strength 2022: With the world facing constant threat from neighboring countries, where the nuclear power decides the authority, with major peacekeeping organizations failing in its duty, the question about how safe is your country and how powerful it is to fight the enemy might strike your mind. The recent Russian-Ukraine crisis is the live example of the fear the world is experiencing for the potential world war 3. Let’s take a look on the report demonstrating India’s military strength in the present day.

Indian military power 2022

India is the 7th largest by area with the 2nd most populous country in the world, also the fastest growing economy in the world. India has a strong potential of being the superpower in the future by having one of the most powerful military strength. It is ranked 4th out of 140 countries With the strength of 1.45 lakh active military manpower.  PwrIndx gives it a score of 0.0979. The lower the PwrIndx value, the more powerful a nation's potential combat capability is. The country has a powerful allies with the global superpowers such as Russia as well as the US

Missile strength of India

Anti satellite weapon

India is among the few countries in the world which owns anti-satellite missiles including the US, China and Russia. Anti-satellite weapons are space weapons that are designed to disable or destroy satellites for tactical and operational reasons.

Anti ballistic missile

After the United States, Russia, and Israel, India became the fourth country to successfully build an anti-ballistic missile system. ABM stands for anti-ballistic missile, and it is a weapon designed to detect and neutralize ballistic missiles. 

Submarine launched ballistic missile

India successfully tested -fired the K-4 submarine-launched ballistic missile, which has a range of 3,500 km. Only a few countries have managed to achieve this scientific advance. It will provide the country the ability to launch nuclear missiles in Indian waters from a safe distance.

Apart from this we have inter continental ballistic missile Agni 5 with the range of 5000-8000 KM, Cruise missile Brahmos with each of them having the latest version with more power in development.

Active Military personnel- 1.4 Million making it the second largest after China owing to it’s second largest population.

Battle tanks- 4800+
Infantry fighting vehicles-2500
Towed artillery-3311
Armored Vehicle-12,000
Self propelled artillery-100
Rocket projectors- 1338

India’s defense budget- Approx. 71 Billion dollars, making it the 3rd largest after the US and China.

India’s Nuclear capacity

The country currently has 150- 160  active nuclear weapons. India has a nuclear policy of "no first use." While the country has never utilized its nuclear weapons, it actually prevents neighboring countries from attacking it. While having the triad capability (Nuclear weapons that can be delivered via aircraft, land-based and submarine-launched missiles.) Only a few countries such as the US, Russia, India, and China have this capacity.

India’s naval forces

total -300
Auxiliary ships-150
Frigate ships-13
Destroyer ships-10
Patrol vessels-128
Corvette vessels-22
Aircraft carrier- 2

India’s airpower

Aircraft- 2200+
Fighter jets-560+
Dedicated attack-130+
Attack helicopters- 43

India has some world’s most advanced fighter jets such as - SU 30 MKI, Mirage 2000, Dassault Rafale along with Tejas, Mig and more.

Russia Military strength 2022

Russia- Ranks 2 in the world’s strongest military. With a defense budget- 48.2 Billion dollars, population-146.79 million. Active personnel- 1013,000. 

Combat tank-21,921
Armored vehicle-50,921
Rocket projector-4032.

Total aircraft-4206
Fighter aircraft-921
Attack aircraft-1496
Total helicopter- 1567
Attack helicopter-621

Naval forces
Aircraft carrier- 1
Destroyer- 18

As compared to India, Russia is much more advanced in Missile technology and fighter jets,China and Russia are the world's second and third most powerful countries, respectively, and are noted for their massive military budgets and physical size. The United States, China, Russia, and India presently hold the top four military superpower positions, making it difficult to attack one another, especially given other variables such as the expanding economy, population, and market. The Indian army is a defensive force that will never attack first and will only defend itself and will only respond in defense.

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