How Tejasswi Prakash & Karan Kundrra became the hottest couple of the town; 3 heart fluttering reasons

Publish Date: 14 Jun, 2022
How Tejasswi Prakash & Karan Kundrra became the hottest couple of the town; 3 heart fluttering reasons

Many love tales arose inside the house of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan. Some made it, while others were brutally chastised for making connections for games, but who knew the ardent Bigg Boss fans would ultimately get to see their one true pairing of Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra dating in real life and slaying like the boss couple. The duo are now the center of gaining maximum TRP wherever they make an appearance together. Apparently Tejasswi and Karan have a dedicated fan following of fans who label them as Tejran. Apart from being the favorite of fans, the couple are also highly admired by paparazzi who never miss a chance to capture their best moment on cameras.

Tejasswi-Karan being the hottest couple

Proud of having each other

While many people keep their relationships private and try not to reveal too much about their personal lives, Tejasswi and Karan may be seen waiting for one another on their shooting sets.  The duo also like being goofy and playful in front of the paparazzi, which adds to the entertainment factor, and fans clearly enjoy viewing them in this manner. The finest aspect is that they never hesitate to accept and appreciate one another in public or in one-on-one interviews. And thus the burning chemistry we see can be justified.

Love, aggression, passion

Ever since Tejasswi and Karan started their relationship journey from Bigg Boss 15, they have been continuously quizzed about the authenticity of their relationship. We saw the nasty fight, the non stop quarreling, coming back to each other, forgiving, accepting and then moving on. What fans love the most about them is despite they both have anger issues, they simply can’t let one go and thereby finds a way to come back. Once Tejasswi said Have faith in your relationship. When you talk about me and Karan, I think we are not a perfect couple. But, there is beauty in imperfection and we embrace that. That’s my relationship advice to you”

Couples who stay together slay together

Well, Naagin 6 actress Tejasswi and her beau Karan Kundrra's Instagram profile has already surpassed numerous Bollywood celebrities as one of the most engaging. Every other day the celebrity couple keeps hopping on different reel trends, sharing their passionate chemistry, sending fans into a frenzy. Tejran never fails to raise the bar, whether it's on social media or in public. Whether it's Karan being proud of Tejasswi's success or showmakers lining up to get Tejasswi-Karan on their show to boost TRP, the duo is unquestionably lifting the bar for power couples in town.

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