How to apply for free electricity in Delhi, know from CM Arvind Kejriwal- Watch Video

Publish Date: 14 Sep, 2022 |
The Aam Aadmi Party, which has given free electricity to the people in the national capital has now taken a big decision. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that from next month only those people will get subsidy who will apply for it. The Chief Minister has given detailed information about this by holding a press conference. CM said some people do not want to take free electricity. Now only those people in Delhi will get subsidy on electricity who will apply for it. He further mentioned that the people of Delhi can start applying from today.

58 lakh people get Subsidy

The government says that “earlier, people saw frequent power cuts in Delhi but by working very hard, we have made the electricity system better. Now almost everywhere electricity is available 24 hours a day. We have saved a lot of government money by stopping the leakage of electricity by eliminating corruption, that is why we have provided free electricity to the people, this has been possible only because of the hardline honest government. There are total 58 lakh domestic customers in Delhi, out of which 47 lakh get subsidy. Out of this, there are 30 lakh people whose electricity bills are zero. While the bills of 16-17 lakh people come half. Electricity up to 200 units is free, while up to 200-400 units, the electricity bill comes to half”. 

Some People Don't Want to give Electricity Bill

There is a demand of some people that if we can give electricity bill then why are we being given subsidy forcibly. Because of this, a few months ago, the government had decided to give subsidy only to those who would apply for it. We had said that by September 30, this subsidy would be given to the people. After October 1, the subsidy will be given to those people who will apply for it. The Chief Minister said that for taking subsidy, we have decided to give a form along with the next electricity bill, through which people can apply.

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