How to become Aeronautical Engineer in India- Eligibility, Qualification, Top Jobs, Salary and more

Publish Date: 12 Dec, 2022
How to become Aeronautical Engineer in India- Eligibility, Qualification, Top Jobs, Salary and more

How to become an Aeronautical Engineer | Aeronautical Engineer Meaning: A well-known area of engineering that draws students interested in aeroplanes and their workings is aeronautical engineering. An aeronautical engineer's primary responsibility is to design aircraft and propulsion systems, however as time goes on, the engineer is assigned numerous more tasks to complete. 

What is Aeronautical Engineering? 

Aeronautical engineering is challenging due to its extensive syllabus, which demands a lot of diligence and effort. However, finishing is obviously gratifying for every student because it results in a job with a decent salary. One can work in the aviation industry, defence organisations, and civil aviation department with an engineering degree in aeronautical engineering. An aeronautical engineer often makes INR 6 lakhs or more annually. Experience increases earnings significantly. 

Aeronautical Engineering: Qualification Requirements

  • Students who want to major in aeronautical engineering must have taken physics and math in school. Candidates for careers in the aerospace and aviation industries are prepared through aeronautics courses.

  • The majority of the time, undergraduate or graduate degree programmes include courses in these subjects. There are undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses in aviation accessible. 

  • As they gain practical expertise in aircraft manufacture, mechanics, and engineering, these courses aid candidates in becoming air traffic controllers and maintenance technicians.

Aeronautical Engineering Eligibility Criteria

  • Many engineering institutes in India provide aeronautical engineering. JEE Main and JEE Advanced scores are required for admission to the programme for aeronautical engineers.

  • Minimum aggregate PCM scores of 70–75% are required for aeronautical engineering as the primary eligibility requirement.

  • Engineering diploma holders in aviation maintenance can get degrees by passing the Aeronautical Society of India exams. 

  • For admission to Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes, the candidate must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering

  • Many institutions, including IITs and IISc, as well as science research institutions, accept GATE scores for admission to the discipline of master's degrees. 

Top Jobs in Aeronautical Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineers

  • Aeronautical Mechanical Engineers

  • Aeronautical Electronic Engineers

  • Flight Engineers

Aeronautical Engineering: Top Recruiters

  • Private Airlines

  • Pawan Hans

  • Defence Research and Development Laboratories

  • Aeronautical Development Establishment

  • Indian Air Force

  • National Aeronautical Lab (NAL)

  • Helicopter Corporation of India

  • Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd (HAL)

  • Air India

  • Civil Aviation Department


Aeronautical Engineer Salary in India

As per available data, Aeronautical Engineer salary in India with less than 1 year of experience to 16 years ranges from ₹ 0.5 Lakhs to ₹ 18 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4 Lakhs based on 100 salaries.




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