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Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 08 Feb, 2023

The thought of cancer invokes fear, yet if the proper information is discovered beforehand, cancer can be overcome. The word "cancer" alone is frightful. Because of this widespread dread, many people fail to recognise the signs of cancer, making it hazardous. The fourth of February is recognised as World Cancer Day. Subscribe to onlymyhealth and spread the word about this video as widely as you can.

Cancer is a complex and challenging disease to treat. While there is no one cure for all types of cancer, there are several approaches that can be effective in treating it.

Surgery: The surgical excision of the affected tissue from some cancers can be curative.
High-energy radiation is used in radiation therapy to harm or destroy cancer cells.
Chemotherapy: This method employs medications to destroy cancer cells.
Targeted therapy: Drugs used in targeted therapy specifically target genes, proteins, or the tissue environment that supports the development of cancer.
Immunotherapy: This therapy strengthens the body's built-in defences against cancer.
Hormone therapy: Hormone therapy is used to stop the release of hormones or their effects, which can promote the growth of various cancers.

In addition to traditional treatments, complementary therapies such as exercise, nutrition, and stress management can also play a role in helping to manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment.


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