How to Do Push-Ups For Beginners -Shweta Pal

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 14 Oct, 2022

The push-up helps build upper body strength and muscle. Push-ups promote metabolism, which in turn improves blood circulation. In this video, fitness content producer Shweta Pal gives some great tips for beginners on how to do push-ups correctly. Watch the complete video for a thorough explanation of push-ups!

Push Ups for beginners

Plank Position: Set yourself up in a standard plank position with your shoulders directly over your hands as you begin. Lower yourself gradually till your body is in position.

Assisted Push Ups: Next comes the Assisted Push Ups in which you simply have to bend over while keeping your legs folded and knees bent as shown in the video. This push up will help you gain initial strength and support in order to prepare you for the advanced level push up.

Full ranged Push Ups: This means that your chest should touch the floor, your arms should be fully extended, and your shoulders should be below your elbows.

Why Push ups are important exercise

A good push-up activates the core and lower body. By employing proper push-up form, the need of keeping a straight spine and a forward gaze is amplified. Push-ups are a terrific choice for a calorie-burning exercise because they use the complete body.

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