How To Get A Flawless Base Using An Orange Colour Corrector | Orange Corrector Tips | Aroma

Publish Date: 28 Sep, 2022 |

Color correction can help you get rid of skin discolouration by using hues that go well with your skin tone. Sometimes applying foundation and concealer alone is not enough to obtain flawless skin. In this video, influencer Aroma demonstrates how to use the orange corrector for clear, flawless skin. To understand more, watch the complete video right now.

How beneficial is Orange color corrector

Orange is the colour corrector most frequently used for dark circles. It helps you get rid of any flaws you might have. Second, if you have a darker skin tone, orange is a fantastic colour for a color-correcting concealer. If you have a lighter skin tone,it is advised to  stay away from orange.

Flawless Base Using An Orange Colour Corrector 

  • Apply moisturiser

  • Use orange corrector

  • Use concealer

  • Use foundation

  • Blend it well

  • Apply liquid blusher

  • Use a loose powder to set the base

  • Use powder blush

  • Use highlighter for the next step

  • Now apply your lipstick, highlighter and mascara

  • You are good to go


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