How To Reduce A Puffy Face With Spoon | Face Yoga

Publish Date: 19 Sep, 2022 |

Yoga to Reduce Puffy Face: Learn today how to reduce facial bloating and puffiness using these incredibly effective massages. Face yoga is the all-natural substitute for anti-aging treatments. By completing a number of facial exercises, you may learn to tone the muscles under your facial skin, enhance facial circulation, and give yourself a more youthful, radiant appearance. Test out these workouts and notice the difference for yourself.

Note: Warm up regulates blood circulation, improves the oxygen  flow, 

How To Reduce A Puffy Face With Spoon

Cheek Massage: Releases toxins from the face, take 2 spoons and simply massage it in an upward direction. It helps toning the cheek muscles as well.

Forehead massage: Follow the same upward massaging technique on the forehead as well.

Laughing massage: Use the spoon in a triangular motion down your face starting from the side of your nose. It helps reduce face fats.

Eye puffiness: Use the spoon in a circular motion on your eyes


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