How to save your house during earthquake | Earthquake Protect- Watch Video

Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 24 Mar, 2023

On 21 March 2023 around 10:20 pm, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Hindu Kush region in Afghanistan and strong tremors were also felt in northern India. Strong tremors were also felt in Delhi NCR causing panic and people had to come out of their buildings.According to the report released by the experts, the tremors lasted for more than 30 seconds within a radius of 156 km. It was one of the deadliest and longest earthquakes ever felt in Delhi NCR. Earthquake tremors have also been felt in some areas of Jammu-Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana. No injury, loss or damage has been reported so far in India. However, hundreds of people have been injured and two killed in Pakistan's Swat Valley.

Act of God 

A "massive, unavoidable event wholly caused by forces of nature, such as an earthquake, flood, or tornado" is what is meant by an act of God, or Vis Major in Latin. Any party to a case who want to absolve themselves of responsibility for any incident typically invokes the defence by pointing to a natural catastrophe. The defence is based on the tort law or civil law idea that one cannot be found accountable when an Act of Nature is to blame and all reasonable precautions have been taken.

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