How To Strengthen Your Face Using Water I Power of Face Yoga

Publish Date: 07 Oct, 2022 |

Face yoga, which combines facial exercise and massage, offers anti-aging properties. Pose modifications for face yoga boost cell oxygenation and microcirculation. Try these 4 easy facial exercises to strengthen your facial muscles and achieve a flawless, wrinkle-free face. These simple exercises may be done at home and only require a glass of water!

Facial exercises to strengthen your facial muscles

Water Puff pose: Fill your mouth with water and make a cheek puff, this process helps remove toxins from your face. Keep this pose for 10 seconds straight. Remember that every Asanas needs to be at least done thrice a time. APart from strengthening the muscles it also keeps our oral hygiene in check.

Water Shifting pose: Fill your mouth with water and keep shifting it right to left in motion. This process also strengthens and tone out facial muscle as well as enhances your smile.

Water Pulling pose: This process helps strengthen your neck muscles along with facial muscles. Fill your mouth with water and then move your neck to the right while shifting the water in your mouth to the left and the vice versa. The pressure exerted will strengthen your muscles and help toning the cheek muscles.

Water Spinning pose: Fill your mouth with water and simply spin your head. This process helps regulate blood circulation. Never forget to keep your body always hydrated which is a key to glowing skin.


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