How To Support Someone With A Mental Health Problem | Depression | Anxiety

Divya BhatiPublish Date: 08 Jul, 2022

If you know someone who is struggling with their mental health, you can always help them in a variety of ways. Ms Shubhrata Prakash, Mental Health Advocate and IRS Officer, discusses how to assist someone facing a mental health challenge in this video.

Here are some tips on how you can talk with someone struggling with Mental Health. 

  • Listen without passing judgement and focus on their immediate needs.

  • Inquire about what would be beneficial to them.

  • Assure and point to useful information or resources.

  • Try to avoid confrontation.

  • Inquire if there is anyone you should contact.

  • Listen. Giving someone space to talk and listening to how they're feeling can be extremely beneficial in and of itself. If they're having trouble, let them know you'll be there when they're ready.

  • Provide reassurance. Seeking help can be lonely and frightening at times. You can reassure someone by assuring them that they are not alone and that you will be available to assist them.

  • Maintain your cool. Even if hearing that someone you care about is in distress is upsetting, try to remain calm. This will also make your friend or family member feel more at ease and demonstrate to them that they can talk to you openly without upsetting you.

  • Please be patient. You might want to know more about their thoughts and feelings, or you might want them to get help right away. However, it is critical to let them set the pace for seeking help.

  • Make an effort not to make assumptions. Your point of view may be useful to your friend or family member, but don't assume you already know what caused their feelings or what will help.

  • Maintain social contact. You could offer emotional support by keeping things as normal as possible. This could include inviting a friend or family member to social events or conversing about other aspects of your lives.

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