How To Use Open Gym Equipments To Stay Fit | Park Gym Equipments | Shweta Pal

Publish Date: 29 Oct, 2022 |

Fitness expert Shweta Pal demonstrates how to use the equipment in an open gym to keep in shape in this video. She also demonstrates a few short and efficient exercises that may be performed with the use of this free gym equipment. Watch the entire video right now to learn more about these workouts!

How To Use Open Gym Equipments

Arms Wheel: 3 sets (10-12)reps

This exercise makes your arms strongs. The Arm Wheel Machine aids with shoulder therapy and flexibility. Arm Wheel is a piece of common outdoor exercise equipment made specifically to increase shoulder joint flexibility and develop muscles.

Cross walker (1-15) min

The Double Cross Walker for Open Gym is a popular piece of outdoor exercise equipment made specifically for enhancing hip and lower limb flexibility, as well as developing coordination and balance between the two.

Chest Press 3-4 sets (15-20)reps

Your upper torso is the focus of the chest press machine. It enables you to work specifically on your shoulder, triceps, and pec muscle. Our Chest Press is designed to withstand an intense workout. One of the most simple and effective upper body strength training is provided by this equipment.

Horse rider station upper version 3 sets (12-15 reps)

A "horse rider station," a common outdoor training machine, was designed to promote full limb movement, aspiratory function, and the growth of the muscles in the legs and chest.

Twister 15-20 Min

Moving the legs while keeping the hands straight and clutching the grips is how this equipment is moved manually. They are quite safe to use and do a great job.



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