How Women Are Changing The Rules of Leadership | HZ Awards 2023

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 30 Mar, 2023

Here are our panelists having discussions on how women leadership roles are changing over time at Her Zindagi Women Entrepreneurship Awards.

How Women Are Changing The Rules of Leadership 

Over the past few decades, women have made significant strides in breaking the glass ceiling in leadership roles. With more women occupying positions of power in various industries and fields, they are changing the rules of leadership by bringing a unique perspective to the table.

Embracing diversity:Women typically comprehend the value of diversity in the workplace better than men do. They frequently exhibit greater inclusivity and equanimity, which promotes a varied and welcoming workplace.

Collaboration: Women typically place more significance on cooperation and teamwork than do males. They are more likely to forge close bonds with their coworkers, which results in a more effective team.

Work-Life Balance: Women tend to prioritize work-life balance more than men, which can lead to a more flexible work environment that values the well-being of employees.

Innovative thinking: Women tend to approach problems and challenges differently than men. They often bring a fresh perspective and innovative thinking to the table, which can lead to new and creative solutions.

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