Human Population reaches 800 crores, Will India beat China next year? 800 cr World Population- Watch Video

Publish Date: 15 Nov, 2022 |

The population of humans on earth is going to be 800 crores. In July this year, the United Nations had estimated in its report that by November 15, the population would reach 800 crores. The United Nations had estimated in its report that by 2030 the population would increase to 850 crores and by 2050 it would reach 970 crores. At the same time, by 2100, it is estimated to cross one thousand crores. Earlier in 2011, the population of the world was 700 crores, whereas in 1998 it was 600 crores. Whereas, on July 11, 1987, 500 crores were. For this reason, 'World Population Day' is also celebrated every year on 11th July. 

But how is it known how much the population has increased and how much will it increase? Does it have a meter that keeps counting the population continuously? Or is there any other method by which the increase or decrease in the population is known? 

Which Organisation is Responsible for Estimating Population?

There is an organization associated with the United Nations that estimates the population. Its name is United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). It collects data related to different countries and regions and estimates the population based on that. Three things are kept in mind to find out the population. First- birth rate, second death rate and third- migration. These three things reveal the population of any country. The population report released by the United Nations in July this year was based on data from 237 different countries and regions. These figures are collected from areas and countries where at least one thousand people live. 


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