HZDupes EP 5: Laneige Sleeping Mask Dupes Under Rs 450

Publish Date: 25 Jul, 2022 |

Tired of chapped lips but unsure how to achieve the plump Instagram model lips?

In today's episode of HZ DUPES, we'll tell you about the dupes for a popular sleeping lip mask that provides just the right amount of hydration to make your lips look delicious.

In today's video, we'll show you the Laneige Sleeping Mask dupes. The price of this sleeping mask is Rs 500 for 8 grammes and Rs 1150 for 20 grammes.

But we'll show you some amazing dupes for less than Rs 312.

1. MARS Hydrating Sleeping Lip Mask (Berry) at Rs 229

  • 100 Grams for Rs 299 but available on a 20% discount online

  • It’s very hydrating

  • Keeps lips plump

  • Gel consistency & thick

  • Best for super chapped lips

  • ONLY CON: It has a powerful scent

  • Smells like perfume (Stay away if you don’t like scents)

  • So if you don’t like scents, maybe it’s not the right dupe for you.

  • Otherwise, for 229, it’s a great dupe.

2. Ikkai by Lotus Herbals Organic “Pink Me Again” Lip Sleeping Mask at Rs 445

  • 20 Grams for Rs 445 but it’s always  available on a whopping 30% discount i.e. for Rs 312

  • Cute packaging 

  • Similar consistency and colour to Laneige

  • Smells like bubblegum

  • Thicker in consistency but melts easily on lips

  • Feels exactly like the Laneige sleeping mask

  • Super hydrating

  • That’s the only difference

  • Completely absorbs into your lips so the next morning, the mask isn’t there

  • But Laneige one stays on lips the following day

3. GOOD VIBES Berry Nourishing Lip Sleeping Mask at Rs 250

  • Very thick and nourishing

  • Good quantity for 200 or even 250 bucks

  • Contains fragrance but really mild so that’s a plus because the smell is not overpowering

  • Keeps lips moisturised for a long time

  • CONS: For some, the formula might feel heavy & STICKY on the lips 

  • But due to the nourishing properties, this is a great dupe to have.


  1. LANEIGE Unisex Lip Sleeping Mask - Berry 8 g: https://bit.ly/3J1s6pJ 

  2. MARS Hydrating Sleeping Lip Mask (Berry): https://bit.ly/3v6Lrjz 

  3. Ikkai “Pink Me Again” Lip Sleeping Mask: https://bit.ly/3Oix6aw 

  4. GOOD VIBES Berry Nourishing Lip Sleeping Mask: https://bit.ly/3zmmEKT


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