IAS Topper Succes Stories: Know the journey of RAS Asha Kandara who became a collector after working as a sweeper

Publish Date: 26 Aug, 2021 |

IAS Topper success story of RAS Asha Kandara:

Achieving something great in life doesn’t come easy, because we always have to hustle for that. And hence, here in this article further, we will know about the IAS success story of RAS Asha Kandara who went on to become a collector, from being a sweeper.

Rajasthan’s Asha Kandara scored 728th rank at the Rajasthan Administrative Services and will soon become a collector now. And the journey of RAS Asha Kandara is a source of sheer inspiration for every student aspiring to become an IAS office,r especially women.

Asha Kandara, UPSC topper success story: 

Soon after completing her Class 12th studies, Asha Kandara was married, and she even got a divorce at the age of 32. During this, Asha got a job at the Municipal corporation as a sweeper, which helped her to keep up with the survival of her children and other regular expenses.

Asha shares that she never believed that sweeping litter on roads was a work full of humiliation. She said that she used to leave for work at 6 AM, and returning from there, after completing her household chores, used to study and prepare for RAS. 

Asha at the end shared that her family used to support her in achieving the best, and if she can, then anyone can achieve their dreams.



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