IAS Toppers' Success Story: IAS Komal Ganatra stayed 40 km away in a village to prepare for UPSC after being cheated in marriage

Publish Date: 07 Sep, 2021 |

IAS Toppers' Success Story:

Komal Ganatra was the only selected female candidate from Gujarat to clear the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2012. But her journey was quite a struggle. Ignoring the taunts of a failed married life and society, Komal decided to empower herself and became an IAS officer after her fourth attempt in 2012. Her story is an inspiration to every woman and inspires every woman to make her own identity in life.

IAS Komal Ganatra success story:

Hailing from Gujarat, IAS Komal Ganatra lived with her parents and 2 younger brothers. Her father is a teacher and her mother, a housewife. Komal shares that her father always encouraged her to do something in life and wanted Komal to become an IAS officer. Komal was very promising in her studies since childhood.

IAS Komal Ganatra got married at the age of 26 to an NRI from New Zealand in 2008, and at that time, she was preparing for the USPC along with State PCS, and fortunately got her Gujarat PCS Mains cleared, however, her husband didn’t let Komal appear for the interview for Gujarat Civil Services. Just after 15 days of their marriage, IAS Komal Ganatra’s husband returned to New Zealand back, and never returned from there. 

How Komal decided to appear for UPSC Exam:

After being cheated in her marriage, Komal after trying every measure decided to return back to her paternal home. However, not being financially stable was a huge insecurity of Komal, which she used to worry about. And then, to get rid of this, Komal followed what her father taught her, and decided to appear for the UPSC Civil Service Exam.

IAS Preparation tips by Komal Ganatra:

Komal Ganatra to prepare for her UPSC Civil Service exam decided to live in a village 40km away from her paternal home. She worked there as a primary teacher. While, to take her optional subject coaching, Komal used to travel 150 km to Ahmedabad, as the village she lived in lacked basic internet facilities too. 

Komal finally cleared her UPSC Exam in 2012 after four attempts and a tough journey, however, she was determined throughout to achieve her goals.


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