IBM Employee's 15 years of Sick Leave | Jagran Business- Watch Video

Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 16 May, 2023

An IBM worker made an attempt to sue the business on the grounds of discrimination and failure to raise his pay in the previous 15 years. However, there is more to this tale. Ian Clifford, the employee, has not reported to work since September 2008 because he has been out sick. Clifford, a Senior IT employee at the company's UK headquarters, claimed that because he hasn't received a pay hike in the previous 15 years, his employer is "discriminating" against him.

After filing a grievance in 2013 and taking his first sick day in September 2008, Clifford was eventually added to IBM's disability plan. As long as they remain an employee and get 75 percent of their agreed-upon wages until they recuperate, retire, or pass away, whichever comes first, they won't be fired for being unable to work. Additionally, the employee is not required to work.

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