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Yoga for strength and stamina: 

Yoga is a spiritual process in which the work of bringing the body, mind and spirit together. Yoga is helpful in reducing stress to controlling diseases and from reducing weight to providing instant energy. Simple yoga postures help you to avoid the stress of exercise and give instant energy. Yoga helps you to achieve success in any work because you can easily concentrate on your thoughts.

Bhujangasana Yoga for Strength

Bhujangasana is also known as Cobra Asana. To do this, lie down on the ground. Keep the legs and hips spread evenly. Place the palms on the ground in front of the shoulders. Now without moving the rest of the body, move the face upwards. Keep this posture like this for some time. By doing this asana, you can get energy immediately.

Balasan Yoga to reduce stress

By doing Balasan, stress is reduced and energy is received immediately. To do this yoga, sit on the ground with your knees bent and put the whole part of the body on the ankles. Lean forward while taking a deep breath. Keep in mind that your chest should touch the thighs, now try to touch the floor with your forehead. Stay in this position for a few seconds and come back to that position.

Vakrasana Yoga to remove fat from waist

Along with removing the fat of the waist, Vakrasana also gives instant energy. To do this, sit in the position of Dandasana. Now bend the right leg and keep it close to the knee near the left thigh, keeping in mind that your left leg remains straight. Bring the left hand to the right foot and the stomach from the middle and rest it near the toes of the right foot. Keep the right hand straight on the ground behind the waist. Try turning the neck to the right, but the left leg, waist and right arm will remain straight.



Virabhadrasana gives strength and instant energy to the body. To do this, stand straight and keep a distance between both the feet. While inhaling, spread both the hands parallel to your shoulders in both the directions. Now move the neck in the right direction and bend the right knee (at least 45 degree angle should be made with the knee). Keeping your hands in the shape of Namaste, keep them upwards. Now while exhaling, bring both the hands down. Stay in this posture for a while and do the same action again.


Due to the cat-like posture of the body in this asana, it is called Marjari Asana. Along with reducing belly fat, it also gives instant energy. To do this, stand on both knees and palms. Keep both arms, legs and head straight and look in front. Now while lifting the chin, inhale and lift the head upwards. During this, stretch the body well. After a few seconds, while exhaling, move the head down.


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