In Bihar's Patna, there was ferocious gunfire that left 2 people dead

Publish Date: 20 Feb, 2023 |

As multiple rounds of the shooting broke out over a quarrel about removing a car from the parking lot, panic broke out in Patna, Bihar. In this tragedy, two people were killed and three others are in critical condition. According to the information received, there has been an incident of about 12 rounds of firing. Five people were shot in this dispute. After this incident, the police had to face the anger of the villagers. At the same time, the police have arrested Satish Yadav alias Bacha Rai in this case.

What is the whole incident?

The Jethuli Ganga Ghat region of the Nadi police station is the subject of the case. According to reports, Tuntun Yadav, a former panchayat representative, was removing the automobile from his garage. Tuntun Yadav then ordered the driver of Satish Yadav, alias Bacha Rai, who was serving as the Jethuli Panchayat head representative, to relocate the car. Concern over this topic became more divisive. The gunfire that Bacha Rai's driver started resulted in five casualties. This comprises Mundrika, Nagendra Rai, Chanarik Rai, Roshan Kumar, and Gautam Kumar.


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