In the midst of rumours that she might be leaving politics, Sonia Gandhi declared, I will never retire.

Publish Date: 26 Feb, 2023 |

Speculations regarding Sonia Gandhi's political retirement followed her speech during the Congress session. Sonia has since refuted these rumours, though. She has stated that she has never retired and that she has no plans to do so soon. In actuality, Sonia Gandhi had spoken at the Congress meeting in Raipur the day before. This is what she stated.

With the Bharat Jodo Yatra, her tenure could be coming to an end. As soon as they heard this, they realised Sonia had made a retirement suggestion. Alka Lamba, a spokesperson for the Congress, claimed that after speaking with Sonia about it, all became clear despite the rumours. According to Sonia, she has never retired and never will.

Sonia Gandhi talks about Bharat Jodo Yatra

Sonia said that the visit marked a turning point for the Congress in her speech. She claimed that this demonstrated the desire for peace, tolerance, and equality among Indians. Sonia thanked Rahul Gandhi for his efforts and praised party members for their dedication to the yatra. Gandhi expressed gratitude to all national leaders and citizens for joining the yatra and for their love and support.


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