In the past 24 hours, earthquakes in five different nations What destruction is in store?

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 23 Feb, 2023

Many nations have been experiencing earthquake vibrations over the past few days. On February 6, there was an earthquake in Turkey and Syria. which saw the deaths of 46,000 or more people. Thousands of people lost their homes. Three days prior to the earthquake, Dutch scholar Frank Hoogerbeets foresaw widespread destruction. Huggerbeats has foreseen significant earthquakes near Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. In such a case, the question is if the recent tremors in India and the surrounding nations are not a portent of impending enormous disaster.

Earthquakes in these 5 places in 24 hours

Afghanistan had an earthquake on Thursday morning at 06:07. The earthquake's epicenter was 265 kilometers away from Faizabad. There haven't been any reports, though, of any injuries or property damage as a result of the earthquake. Tajikistan had a 6.7-magnitude earthquake at 6:07 in the morning. At the Chinese border, the effects of the earthquake have been felt. Antioch, Turkey, experienced earthquake tremors around 04:42 local time. The earthquake had a magnitude of 4.2. 

On Wednesday afternoon, earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi NCR, India. The earthquake's epicenter was in Nepal. The intensity of the earthquake on the Richter scale was 4.8. Its center was 69 km away from Jumla in Nepal. However, the tremors in Delhi-NCR were mild.

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