Independence Day 2022: Terrorist attack alert in Delhi, Section 144 imposed, many activities will be restricted in the city- Watch Video

Publish Date: 23 Jul, 2022 |

Independence Day 2022: Preparations for 15th August (Independence Day) are goung in full swing in the national capital Delhi. Although for security reasons, flying drone cameras, paragliders and Ty Aircraft have been banned. In this regard, Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana issued an order on Friday.

Action will be taken on violation of Orders- Section 144 Imposed

Police will take action for violating the order. According to the police, on the occasion of August 15, an alert has been issued in view of the possibility of a terrorist attack by a drone or other aerial object. In this regard, Section-144, i.e. prohibitory orders have been implemented in the airspace by issuing an order on behalf of the Police Commissioner.

Terrorist Attack can take place in Delhi

Delhi Police informed that some criminals, anti-social elements or anti-India terrorists may pose a threat to the security of the general public, dignitaries and important establishments by use of sub-conventional aerial platforms like Para.

These Activities will be banned

The order will continue from July 22 to August 16. Under this, there will be a ban on flying any kind of unmanned plane, drone, paraglider, hand glider, micro light aircraft, UAV, SuaS etc. There is a ban on small-sized powered aircraft, quadcopters and even para-jumping from aircraft.


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