India-China Army's second face-off in two and a half years, how is the situation on LAC now?- Watch Video

Publish Date: 13 Dec, 2022 |

The eyes of the Chinese army have been on the LAC, but its plan regarding the Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh has been coming to the fore time and again. During the 1962 war, China had infiltrated the largest batch of its troops in the northeastern part of India through Tawang to Assam. Tawang was under Chinese occupation for some time. In October 2021, a group of two hundred Chinese soldiers entered an Indian village near the India-China-Bhutan border in Tawang, which was later repulsed by Indian soldiers. This time also the plans of the Chinese army were similar but once again the Chinese army had to face the Indian soldiers.

Chinese Soldiers Planned a Sudden Attack on Indian Soldiers

The sources said the Chinese had come with around 300 troops heavily prepared, but they did not expect the Indian side to be well prepared. News agency ANI quoted sources as saying that over 300 soldiers of the Chinese Army (PLA) were sent along the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang sector during a clash with Indian Army troops on December 9, but they were not expected That the Indian side will also be fully prepared.


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