India's Brave Wrestlers Fight back Against Sexual Misconduct | Her Zindagi

Aditi ShrivastavaPublish Date: 10 May, 2023

In this powerful video, we witness the courage and resilience of India's brave wrestlers as they fight back against sexual misconduct in their sport. Despite facing immense challenges and obstacles, these athletes refuse to be silenced and are speaking out against the culture of abuse that has plagued wrestling in India.

 India's wrestling community has recently taken a strong stance against sexual misconduct and abuse within their sport. Several wrestlers have come forward to share their experiences and seek justice for the abuse they have faced, prompting the Wrestling Federation of India to launch an investigation into the matter.

In one instance, a female wrestler accused a coach of sexual harassment and abuse during her training sessions. Despite facing backlash and threats, she stood her ground and pursued her case, eventually leading to the coach's suspension.

Other wrestlers have also spoken out about the prevalence of sexual misconduct in wrestling, with some alleging that it is widespread and often goes unreported due to fear of retaliation and a lack of support from the wrestling community.

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