India to buy TU-160 Black Jack Bomber from Russia! India's strength will double in the sky

Tarun KohliPublish Date: 12 Aug, 2022

In the last few years, India has given a befitting reply to every action of China. However, China has some such weapons, which India does not even have a break. One of these is China's H-6K strategic bomber. Last year, China deployed this bomber on the LAC. Then India did not even have its break. Now there is news that India is going to buy the world's deadliest strategic bomber Tu-160 from Russia. Media reports say that talks are in the final stages to buy at least six Tu-160 bomber aircraft from Russia.

Tu-160 also known as White Swan

India and Russia are in talks for the Tu-160 Black Jack Bomber, also known as the 'White Swan'. This jet is the world's most advanced bomber jet and to achieve it means to double the strength of the Air Force. After the deal of S-400 and Hypersonic Weapon Technology with Russia, this deal also shows the growing relationship between the two countries.

This bomber jet of Russia will be given to India, about this former Air Chief Arup Raha had indicated in one of his speeches. He pointed this out while giving a speech at Chanakya Foundation and then confirmed it. This bomber jet is a hypersonic glide weapon. It is called Toplov Tu-160. NATO named it Blackjack.

China has deployed H-6K bomber jets near the Indian border

According to reports, China had deployed H-6K bomber jets near the border with India in November last year. On November 11 last year, on the occasion of the 72nd Raising Day of the Chinese Air Force, the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF), Chinese state media had aired footage of an H-6K bomber flying over a hill. Chinese media had claimed that this bomber has been sent towards the Himalayas.

China first made the bomber in the 1970s with the help of the Soviet Union. Its basic Shiyan H-6 bomber was a licensed produced version of the Soviet Union's Tu-16 medium-range bomber. Later China made several upgraded versions of the H-6 bomber. The most recent of these is the H-6K bomber, which was inducted into the Chinese Air Force only a few years ago.

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