गणेश आचार्य की Fat to Fit journey उनकी जुबानी; Exclusive interview

Publish Date: 18 May, 2022 |

Ganesh Acharya, a renowned Bollywood choreographer who has worked on Bollywood hits such as Singham, Bodyguard, Chikini Chameli, and many others, recently underwent a major physique transformation. His journey from fat to fit is an inspiration to all others who are on the same path. In this exclusive interview we will talk to him to brief about his journey and what challenges he faced during the procedure.

Ganesh Acharya on his fitness journey

When asked about how is it going he replied jokingly “My fans still wants to see me go back to my old self they loved me more when I was oversize” he further added saying “But at last we are all humans and need to take care of our body And then I saw that the generation is changing, people have changed, people are more conscious about fitness, so I paid a lot of attention to it again.

Ganesh Acharya fitness routine

The choreographer said “Two things are very important in our fitness, diet should be 75%, rest should be exercise, I have given a lot of preference to swimming. In the gym, I hardly do a little weightlifting because, we keep dancing, and that completes our cardio session. Talking about his diet regime he mentioned cheating sometimes when he cannot resist sweet but most of the time he maintains a strict diet while clocking the time between dinner, breakfast and lunch.

Ganesh Acharua on his upcoming movie Dehati Disco

One of the major reasons behind his transformation is also his upcoming film Dehati disco. He mentioned in the interview that he focused a lot on the details of the film and shared an incident when he went with Akshay Kumar to scotland for the film bell bottom and for straight 2 and half months he worked a lot on his body as well as script.  He further added saying “Especially in this film the background is set in a rural concept. The story revolves around a milkman and his kids so yes their was a lot of need to focus on the body”.


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