Indian Population: Has the population of India exceeded that of China? India is the most populous country!

Publish Date: 19 Jan, 2023 |

Indian Population: The countries with the largest populations worldwide are China and India. We have heard for years that China has the largest population in the world and that its population is rapidly increasing. Similarly we have also heard for years that India will overtake China in the near future, but it appears that has already happened. A recent research claims that India’s population has already surpassed China’s. Has India officially taken the place of the world's largest population? Find out in this video.

India becomes the most populated country

India's population was expected to reach 1.417 billion people by the end of 2022, according to a research by the independent census and demographics group World Population Review (about 10 billion). On Tuesday, China also issued its data, in which it indicated that its population was 1.412 billion, or around 5 million fewer than India's. India's population is projected to reach 1.668 billion in 2050, which is 1.317 billion more than China's existing population at that time.

The average age of people in numerous countries for this year was provided by a government survey. The average age in India was 28.7 years, in China it was 38.4 years, and in Japan it was 48.6 years. UNFPA statistics states that, 68% of India's population is under the age of 15 and only 7% is over the age of 65.


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