Indian trains make 5 rounds of the earth everyday | Indian Railways- Watch Video

Saumya JaiswarPublish Date: 31 Mar, 2023

India's rail network is the largest in Asia and fourth in the world. Indian Railways runs thousands of trains daily, in which lakhs of people travel. According to an estimate, passengers equal to the population of Australia travel by train every day in India. But do you know how many trains run daily to take such a huge network and such a large number of passengers to their destination. 

22,593 trains are operated daily in India 

According to the Trust India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) of the Ministry of Commerce, about 22,593 trains are operated daily in the country. This includes 13,452 passenger trains, which cover around 7,325 stations in the country. 2.40 crore passengers travel daily through these trains. This number of trains includes all types of mail, express and passenger trains.

Apart from this, the railway also runs about 9,141 goods trains daily. Through them, goods are transported from every corner of the country. The daily freight traffic figure of the Railways is also about 20.38 crore tonnes. Goods train and passenger trains together cover a distance of about 67,368 kilometres daily.

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