Indonesia Earthquake: Cianjur of Indonesia engaged in search of their loved ones after the death of 162- Watch Video

Publish Date: 22 Nov, 2022 |

162 people died, while more than 700 people were injured due to the earthquake in Indonesia's main island Java on Monday. Many people are still missing. The local people are scared of the devastation after the earthquake. The intensity of the earthquake on the Richter scale was 5.4. Hundreds of buildings were damaged by the earthquake and people had to run to safer places to save their lives.

25 tremors of earthquake shook Indonesia 

According to Indonesia's Meteorology and Climatology and Geophysical Agency, 25 more aftershocks were recorded after the earthquake. During this, fear arose among the people. Due to the earthquake, the doctors took the patients out of the hospital in a hurry. Doctors heaved a sigh of relief after evacuating the patients safely from the hospitals. However, the treatment of severe patients stalled during this period.

Earthquake Impacted Electricity Services

There was a power outage for hours due to the earthquake. There was restlessness among the scared people as they could not get updates from news channels due to a lack of electricity. Indonesia's Disaster Management Authority said that 25 people are still trapped under the debris, and the rescue operation will continue till night. Our effort is to get everyone out safely.


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