Influenza H3N2 Virus: Why is H3N2 virus from swine dangerous? Know how different it is from COVID-19

Publish Date: 10 Mar, 2023 |

Influenza H3N2 Virus: People were still recovering from the trauma of Covid 19 and the havoc it created while being on the peak and now just when a moment of relief surfaced a new virus made its way. Yes, we are talking about a widely and rapidly spready new virus termed as Influenza H3N2. The number of cold and cough cases reported across the country, especially in Delhi-NCR, has once again sparked anxiety. Pigs infected with the influenza H3N2 virus are another rapidly emerging issue. The sickness may make life more difficult for individuals who are already unwell, such as children, the elderly, and those with children. According to doctors, viral fever symptoms are often pretty similar across the spectrum. You can also have a fever in addition to a headache and a mild cough. A cold and a cough are frequently the symptoms.

Influenza H3N2 Virus Vs Covid 19

In a recent investigation, the ICMR discovered that the H3N2 influenza virus is currently causing widespread human infection. The H3N2 virus is still present in the atmosphere, according to ICMR. Corona and influenza can have comparable signs and symptoms. However, this is not the Corona version. So, do not mistake taking both the virus the same, however it is suggested to keep wearing your mask, hand sanistised and avoid crowded areas in order to prevent contracting this virus.


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