INS Vishakhapatnam: Indian Navy adds INS Vishakhapatnam loaded with Barak-Brahmos missile to its fleet on Sunday

Publish Date: 22 Nov, 2021 |

INS Vishakhapatnam:

Indian Navy's new destroyer INS Visakhapatnam inducted the Navy's fleet on Sunday 21st November 2021 at an event in Mumbai, where all the formalities were completed. INS Vishakhapatnam was inducted into service in the presence of top naval commanders, while Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also attended the ceremony. On this occasion, Rajnath Singh said that India will soon build ships for the whole world.

Defense Minister targets China:

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh hit out at China, saying that "some irresponsible countries" with supremacist tendencies are misinterpreting the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) because of their narrow partisan interests. Defense Minister added further that it is a matter of concern that some nations are trying to weaken the definition of UNCLOS by their arbitrary interpretation. Singh said that some irresponsible countries with their hegemonic and narrowly biased interests are misinterpreting international laws.

INS Vishakhapatnam features:

  • INS Vishakhapatnam has a length of 163 meters, a width of 17 meters and its total weight is 7400 tons while 75% of the equipment installed in it is indigenous.

  • The design of IND Vishakhapatnam has been prepared by the Naval Design Directorate of the Navy while it has been constructed at Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) in Mumbai.

  • An important feature of INS Vishakhapatnam is that the enemy will not be able to trace the country's radar because of its outer surface is made from a special steel metal.

  • INS Vishakhapatnam is the country's first P-15B class stealth-guided missile destroyer with a maximum speed of 55.56 kilometers per hour.

  • Other features of INS Vishakhapatnam include Medium Range Surface to Air Missile, surface-to-surface BrahMos, L&T Company's Torpedo Tube Launcher, L&T's Anti Submarine Rocket Launcher, and BHEL's 76mm Super Rapid Gun.

  • Witnessing an enemy ship, INS Visakhapatnam is capable to launch anti-aircraft missiles from its deck.

  • In addition to torpedo tubes and launchers, anti-submarine rocket launchers, super rapid gun mounts, Combat Management System, Integrated Platform Management System have also been installed in this warship.


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