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Publish Date: 04 Oct, 2022 |

The key to feeling happier and less stressed is to spend quality time with your children. The two of you will become closer as a result of it as well. When your life is hectic and stressful, finding time to spend with your kids may be difficult. In this video, mommy influencer Himani Seth offers some amusing suggestions for creating the perfect weekend with your children. Watch the complete video to learn more.

Ideas for a perfect weekend 

Swimming/Pool day

In the age of technological gadgets, it is a fantastic method to get kids moving. Children love to play in the water, and swimming combines learning and enjoyment. It will also help strengthen your bond with your child.

Play area

Children who play outside for longer periods of time can develop more advanced motor skills like flexibility, balance, and cooperation compared to those who spend most of their time inside. Your kids' physical and mental health will improve if you let them play outside for at least an hour each day. This will help fight obesity.

Planning a Getaway

Vacations revitalise and re-energize the mind. However, it also revitalises and renews relationships.  A family vacation can benefit a child's growth by fostering empathy and assisting with situational adaptation as well.

Outdoor picnic

Parents must plan family outings and take their kids to places where they may spend time together and engage in outdoor activities. A picnic is a relaxing and pleasurable way to make memories and socialise with others.

Museums and historical places

In museums, kids are exposed to many cultures, which ignites their curiosity and provides them with valuable educational possibilities.


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