International Picnic Day 2021: Know the best 5 Picnic Spots across the country which are a must-visit.

Publish Date: 27 Sep, 2021
International Picnic Day 2021: Know the best 5 Picnic Spots across the country which are a must-visit.

International Picnic Day 2021:

Picnics have always been the most interesting and fun childhood activity for children especially for the millennials, and the 90s kids. Well, there are surely many of us, who still crave that small picnic trip with our families, but haven’t been able to enjoy one due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Well, to no wonder, the charm of enjoying and eating outside has faded away considerably with the passage of time. But the International Day of Picnic is still here to remind us of the beautiful moments, and the importance of Picnics in our lives. 

In this article further, we will know more about International Picnic Day, its History, Significance, and also about the Top 5 picnic spots of India.


Date of International Picnic Day 2021:

The International Picnic Day 2021 is celebrated every year on 18th June across the globe.

 International Picnic Day 2021 History:

Picnics or informal outdoor meals became a thing for pastime in France during the mid-1800s, after the French Revolution, when it became possible for people to get out and enjoy themselves in the country’s royal parks. And gradually from France, the lovely activity spread all across the world.

The 19th-century picnics in England became social occasions with special menus including a wide range of cold meats and pies, which took many days to prepare.

While over the years, picnics sometimes used to come disguised as huge gatherings of common people in political protests. And one such famous picnic was the Pan-European Picnic that took place at the border of Austria and Hungary during the 1989 summers. The picnic was a part of many protests against communism that led to the fall of the Iron Curtain.

 International Picnic Day 2021 Significance:

The word Picnic is derived from the French language, accurately from the word “Pic-nique”. Well, a form of nice informal outdoor meal, picnics help in creating beautiful memories and also strengthens the family bonds. 

India gate

More of stressbusters from our busy lives, picnics are just the best way to live precious moments, when you are surrounded by the best of people.

The top 5 Picnic spots in India:

1. India Gate: 

Situated in the heart of our very own Dilli (Delhi), the place checks all the boxes on an ideal picnic spot. Surrounding by beautiful ponds, and lots of trees, these beautiful gardens are the best picnic spots. The specialty of this place is that you will see a lot of ice-cream vendors at the place during evenings, who will keep your desserts after the meals sorted.

2. Murthal:

One of the most popular picnic spots amongst the Delhiites and the people living in the NCR region, the place offers the best of food (famous for the Paranthas). A 45 km drive away from the national capital Delhi, the place has a bundle of Dhabas (small restaurants), as the place is situated near the national highway.

3. Lonavala and Khandala:

An 82 km drive away from Mumbai, the place can be termed as the favorite picnic spot of Mumbaikars. A mini hill station, the place offers you scenic landscapes and the best of nature. 


4. Mehrangarh Fort:

Situated in the city of Jodhpur, it is one of the largest forts in India and considered one of the best places for sightseeing. The place is inhibited by the ancestors of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. 

5. Patnitop:

Located in the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir, the place is situated by mountains and offers the best of serene views. The place has many lakes and temples which are a must-visit. 

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