International Tiger Day 2021: Know the Date, History, Significance, and theme for this important day

Publish Date: 29 Jul, 2021 |

International Tiger Day 2021:

Tigers are a major part of the fauna of our ecosystem. Being a top predator, tigers sit at the pinnacle of the food chain and even keeps a check on the population of the wild hoofed animals, thereby maintaining a proper balance of the herbivores too.

However, in the recent past, the largescale hunting of tigers has led to them being considered as another endangered species. While to create awareness of the cause of tiger conservation, International Tiger Day, also known as the Global Tiger Day is commemorated.

So, in this article below, let’s know more about the History, Significance, and Theme of Global Tiger Day 2021.

Date of International Tiger Day 2021:

International Tiger Day is commemorated every year on 29th July across the globe.

International Tiger Day 2021 History:

Various countries on 29th July entered into an agreement about raising awareness about the decreasing tiger population at a global level and also preserving the natural habitat of tigers, in the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, held in Russia in 2010. 

Moreover, the representatives from several countries announced that the tiger-populated countries will work to increase the tiger population to double it, by the end of 2022.

International Tiger Day 2021 Significance:

The International Tiger Day is commemorated every year on 29th July globally, remembering the fact that the world is only left with 3900 wild tigers. Well, there are also many species of tigers who are already extinct, and saving what we are left with is the need of the hour. 

To save maintain a balance in our ecosystem, animals such as tigers and lions are necessary. Hence, the focus must be shifted from hunting such animals to the conservation of such animals.

International Tiger Day Theme 2021:

The theme for International Tiger Day 2021 is “Their Survival is in our hands.” The International Tiger day 2021 theme focuses on educating the people to focus more on tiger conservation.



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