Iran: Arrest and death of girl for not wearing hijab, fierce protest in Tehran

Publish Date: 18 Sep, 2022 |

In Iran, a 22-year-old girl, Mehsa Amini, was brutally beaten up by the police for not wearing a hijab and she slipped into a coma, where she died. In Iran, a controversy erupted on social media after Mahsa Amini fell into a coma after being detained by police on moral grounds, with some organizations that enforce strict dress codes for women, such as mandatory Wearing a headscarf, he justified it. 

Protest by the public

Hundreds of people lodged a protest on the streets on Saturday against the same incident. A large number of women also joined the protesters. In the pictures and videos of these demonstrations going viral on social media, it can be seen that many women are expressing their protest by removing the hijab from their face. Similarly, in Amini's hometown Sakaj, people are on the streets and slogans are being raised against the government.

CNN quoted Iranwire as saying that human rights activists who spoke to the family said police caught Amini and was forced to take her inside a police vehicle. Her brother, Kiarash, protested against the police taking away his sister like this. But the police told him that they were taking his sister to the police station for an hour.

President orders inquiry

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has ordered the Interior Minister to launch an investigation into the matter after the worldwide outcry over Mahsa's death. While the judiciary said that it would constitute a special task force to investigate. At the same time, Amnesty International has said that "Mahasa Amini's cause of suspicious death in custody should be investigated, including allegations of custodial torture and other misconduct."


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