Vitamin D Supplement in Summer: Is it Safe to Skip It?

Ayushee JoshiPublish Date: 27 Apr, 2023

For your general health and welfare, it is crucial to continue taking vitamin D supplements even while we are soaking up the vitamin D-producing sunlight. Some of us lack the “sunshine vitamin” even in the hottest summers. If you have any questions about skipping your vitamin D supplements over the summer, this video will explore the science of vitamin D and its critical function in sustaining our general health and wellness.

Multiple bodily functions are supported by vitamin D (cholecalciferol), including the support of the immune system, improvement of bone and tooth strength, maintenance of healthy teeth, and heart and muscle function. All of this is made possible by vitamin D, which helps our systems utilize and absorb vital minerals, calcium, and phosphorus.

Since our bodies cannot retain vitamin D, it is essential that we obtain some every day from other sources such as sunlight (sunlight meets 90% of our vitamin D needs), food, or vitamin D supplements. If you don’t know when the next sunny day will come, vitamin D supplements are a tried-and-true technique to lower your risk of developing a deficit. 

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