Israel Election 2022: Why is the Israeli media at the top of Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party?

Publish Date: 03 Nov, 2022 |

Voting has been held for the general election in Israel. In which a total of 71.3 percent voting has been done. And with this, there are speculations about the return of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Let us tell you that this is the fifth time in less than three years that general elections were held in Israel. In such a situation, it is important to know why elections are being held repeatedly in Israel in the last few years.

Reason for repeated elections

After Silman's resignation, the eight-party alliance broke down. After which Bennett resigned. Yer Lapid became the country's new prime minister after Bennett. Israel's 120-seat parliament requires 61 seats for a majority. The problem is that there are many small parties in Israel that together form the government. Neither of these parties has ever single-handedly won a majority in the Knesset. Due to this the parties have to form an alliance to form the government. 

Situation of other parties

Frequent elections in Israel have left many voters frustrated. As for other parties, the right-wing leader Itamar Ben-Gwir and his far-right nationalist religious Zionism faction campaigned heavily. His faction could end up third in parliament by winning 15 seats. Road safety and rising prices are major election issues.

Talking about the current government, this coalition has been formed by combining Lapid's right-wing, liberal and Palestinian parties. Israel has previously had a stable government under the leadership of Netanyahu. But in 2019, he had to fight a legal battle on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, which led to a deadlock in Israel's political system.


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