Jammu Kashmir cloudburst: Disaster has caused a floodlike situation in Kishtwar claiming the lives of 4, while 40 are missing

Publish Date: 28 Jul, 2021 |

Jammu Kashmir cloudburst:

The constant monsoon rains have arrived disguised as havoc this time, and have done considerable damage in different parts of the country, while the hilly region and the state of Maharashtra being the most affected ones. 

Recently, a cloudburst took place in the Honzar Dinching village of Jammu and Kashmir, due to which, 4 people have lost their lives, while 40 others are missing. The Jammu Kashmir Police and army are carrying out a rescue operation to search the missing and save the people from the disaster.

Home Minister Amit Shah stated that he has discussed the cloudburst in Kishtwad with the LG and DGP of Kashmir and the administration is totally employed towards the rescue operation, and NDRF is also joining for the help.

While Union Minister Jitendra Singh shared the information through a tweet that the rescue operation is underway by the army and SBRF, and around 30 people are still missing.


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