JDU-RJD Merger in Bihar: Will JDU merge with RJD? Why did Upendra Kushwaha get angry?

Publish Date: 14 Dec, 2022 |

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar announced on Tuesday that his party i.e. Janata Dal United will contest the 2025 assembly elections under the leadership of Lalu Prasad's younger son Tejashwi Yadav. With this, the market of speculation got heated regarding the merger of JDU and RJD. Now in the meantime, JDU Parliamentary Board Chairman Upendra Kushwaha has said that people should think how RJD and JDU can be merged. Upendra Kushwaha, dismissing the speculation of merger, said that there is no question of merger. The merger of JUD would be suicidal. Does anyone take suicidal steps for themselves? There is no truth in this. There will be no merger.

Upendra Kushwaha gives statement

Upendra Kushwaha said that Nitish Kumar is the leader of all of us. We are all working under his leadership. For the time being, we all have an eye like Arjun for 2024 only. All the focus is on that. Further, Upendra Kushwaha also answered many more questions. However, a question related to Tejashwi was not answered directly.

Nitish Kumar’s statement

Recently, Nitish Kumar said that he will contest the 2024 assembly elections under the leadership of Tejashwi Yadav. On this statement of Nitish, Kushwaha said that after the statement of the Chief Minister, Tejashwi has said that the election of 2024 is before us. The election of 2024 is also the first for the Grand Alliance.


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