Joe Biden while addressing on Afghanistan crisis said Our mission has been accomplished

Publish Date: 01 Sep, 2021 |

Afghanistan Crisis:

US President Joe Biden while addressing the nation after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan said that our mission has been successful. The Taliban had set a deadline of 31st August for US forces to leave Afghanistan, but 24 hours before that, the US army withdrew.

Biden said that we have maintained peace in Afghanistan for 20 years. He said that we could not have done the work that we have done. In his address, the President said that I believe that this is the right, wise and good decision. The war in Afghanistan is now over. I am the fourth President to face the issue of ending the war. I promised the Americans to end it and honored my promise. In a White House speech, he said, I was not going to continue this war forever.

US Mission in Kabul ends after 20 years:

Biden said that I want to say clearly that anyone who tries to harm America or who will engage in terrorism against us or allies. America will not let him sit in peace. We will neither forgive nor forget him. We will find them and they will have to pay the price.

He said that we had no other option but to leave Kabul. I take full responsibility for the army withdrawal operation. Left Kabul for American interests. We had prepared three lakh soldiers in Afghanistan. There have been many incidents in Afghanistan over the two decades. We spent hundreds of millions of dollars there. I didn't want to escalate the war.

The US President said that we can say that our work is not done yet. In the circumstances of two decades ago, we took whatever decision we thought was appropriate. We are facing competition from China. China and Russia are moving ahead in competition with us. Our mission should be clear and the core principle should be based on America's interest. Now we want to move forward in a new way.

Our foreign policy should be in the interest of the country. We will always be ready to help Afghan women. Will continue to fight for women, children, and human rights.



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