Journey From Being 31 Kg To Becoming A Fitness Expert Ft. Vaishnavi Boora

Publish Date: 26 Jul, 2022 |

Vaishnavi Boora suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her son and isolated herself from the outside world. To cope with her depression, she began overeating, which resulted in a massive weight gain. Doctors advised her to exercise to combat her depression, and Vaishnavi began her fitness journey from there. See how this fit mommy transformed her life and rose to fame as an Instagram fitness expert.

Vaishnavi Boora, who comes from a traditional Indian family, had to leave her MNC job after getting married 12 years ago. She gave birth to her son two years later, and two months later she was diagnosed with postpartum depression. On the doctor's advice, she began yoga, zumba, and home workouts, but "nothing was clicking much." It wasn't until Vaishnavi started going to the gym that her life changed and her thought process improved.

She battled and overcame postpartum depression, as she was expecting her child in 2011 and, like many other women, had gained weight. The weight gain had a significant impact on her in many ways, but a dramatic mindset shift led her to the fitness world, where she committedly worked out on herself, showing up every day and moving toward her fitness goals, which led her to become the fitness coach and nutritionist she is today.

She considers herself an everyday warrior and a fitness nutrition coach with the knowledge and expertise to help people improve their fitness, lifestyle, and mindset. Her customised body transformation plans and customised nutrition guides for women suffering from PCOD/PCOS and Thyroid have changed lives through her online transformation programmes. The fitness influencer is not only living a healthy lifestyle to inspire her followers, but she is also setting new fashion trends in the fitness industry. She debunked the myth that "muscles are only for men" and now works with several clients on a daily basis to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


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