BTS Jungkook hosted an unexpected weeverse live session and chose to blow Desimy's mind straight from the screen. If you still didn’t hear what just happened then here is a heads up, BTS member Jungkook hosted a Vlive session after deactivating his Instagram account stating that he has got bored of the social media and assuring that his account is not hacked and that he just want to host more of a Vlive session for his fans. But, this V live session turned out to be a quite big deal for the desi Indian fans who couldn’t get over the fact that Jungkook actually grooved to Naatu Naatu from the blockbuster RRR. 

Jungkook reveals watching RRR

As soon as Jungkook live went on air, fans started taking over the Twitter trending spots with hashtags like Naatu Naatu, Jungkook Naatu Naatu, RRR for oscars etc. For those who don’t know RRR’s song Naatu Naatu has been nominated for the 95th Academy awards. Fans' hope for Naatu Naatu bringing Oscars home this time has been skyrocketing and Jungkook’s gig just boosted that emotion to a new level. The Golden Maknae who is yet to reveal his solo album before enlisting in the military revealed watching the film SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster as well.

There was a time when RM disclosed being a fan of the movie 3 idiots starring Aamir Khan and fans went crazy and now Jungkook pulling off the similar stunt has made the crowd even crazier. To the extent that Indian ARMY are now settling for no less.

Naatu Naatu for Maknae line

While vibing on Naatu Naatu Jungkook even got up and tried matching the steps as he had already watched the movie. Fans now want him to match the steps of the song with the maknae line i.e with Taehyung and Jimin. In the original album Ramcharan Teja and Jr. Ntr bought a storm in the theater with their unmatchable energy and synchronization whereas the maknae line is also known for their energy and great sync. So it's a fair deal isn’t it.

BTS on the work front

On the work front J-hope on March 3 released one of his solo albums ‘ON THE STREET’ with American artist J. Cole. Jimin on the other hand is prepping for the release of his solo album FACE in March as well. Hobi will be the next in line to join the military services after Jin. Suga will soon kick off his solo world tour. And while RM is spending some quality time with his artistic mind, Taehyung is boosting his brand ambassador lineup. Jungkook will soon drop an update about his solo album release.