Kabul Airport Blast: Over 100 casualties reported, Joe Biden openly challenges terrorists, says will hunt them down

Publish Date: 27 Aug, 2021 |

Kabul Airport Blast:

Recently, three bomb blasts at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan have been witnessed, which have claimed the lives of various citizens as well as American troops. While ISIS has stood responsible for these bomb blasts in Kabul Aiport soon after the Taliban captured Afghanistan. 

The Kabul Airport Bomb Blasts have hugely affected America’s rescue operations from Afghanistan, and reports state that along with 13 US Solderies, over 100 lives of citizens have been claimed in the Kabul blasts.

Joe Biden challenges terrorists:

Considering the Kabul airport blast, American President Je Biden has openly challenged the terrorists now and stated that people behind this terrorist blast at Kabul airport won’t be forgiven and forget. Joe has even stated that America will hunt the soldiers back.

Moreover, the Taliban has though stated a deadline for American troops to leave Afghanistan, however, America has clearly stated that they will complete their rescue operation here and won’t leave without that.

America in order to pay tribute to the Kabul airport blast victims has directed hoisting of the American Flag at the White House, other public auditoriums, and halls until 30th August.

India condemned Kabul Airport Blast:

While India has also condemned the Kabul Airport bomb blast and has extended its condolences to the Kabul Bomb blast victims.

On the other hand, Afghanistan’s acting president Amrullah Saleh has confirmed relations of the Taliban with ISIS.


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